Occusure’s CEO and founder speaks of her mission with a fire in her eyes. Over the years I’ve worked with Trudie Oates I have noted a genuine concern for the wellbeing of all people, and heartfelt pain when she mentions workplace accidents they’ve responded to. When she approached me to revamp Occusure’s image there was no question in my mind that the design needed to showcase these qualities. The old logo had been a challenging shape to work with and was not the strong foundation her brand deserved.


Occusure provides a holistic approach to managed healthcare in the construction and mining sectors. They specialise in mobile services, but also staff several on-site clinics offering primary medical and trauma care. What sets them apart is their all-round commitment to professional excellence in workplace safety and health – through cost effective, best practice solutions to employers and quality, individualised care and attention to employees. Surveys revealed that this attitude was well appreciated. The existing logo invoked goodwill amongst decision makers and made the workforce feel safe and protected when they saw it, so we were hesitant to scrap it entirely. However the image Trudie referred to as a cog looked more like a sawblade to me and did not encompass any of the ideals of her brand. The company had clearly outgrown their old image.


Identifying people as the most important concept point, I illustrated grouped figures to symbolise both the Occusure team and the clients they served. A few drafts incorporated the medical cross, but since Occusure also assists with legal compliance and already enjoys long-standing relationships and a good name in the industry, such an obvious visual marker was not necessary. Returning to the old cog, I populated the shape with figures in the celebratory poses that are common in imagery for the wellness industry, with uplifted arms forming the spiky triangles from the original. The jagged edges of the shape still did not sit well with me and although it reflected their goal of promoting a healthy, vibrant workforce, I wasn’t satisfied that it expressed the compassion I’d come to expect from the company.


I settled on softening the harsh angles by reducing the number of sides and nestling the ‘cog’ within the negative space of a circular embrace of people. This image expresses both the medical attention Occusure offers and the care they invest in their clients, while still appealing to a male-dominated industry. Trudie happily agreed that it retained enough of the old logo while showcasing the ideals of the brand. Like logos, taglines need to immediately convey the essence of the company in as simple a manner as possible. We agreed on incorporating their industry, and reinforcing their positioning and stand-out quality in the phrase “Passionate Healthcare Partners”.