Terra-Khaya is a 100% off-the-grid eco-lodge on Chillington Farm in the Hogsback Mountains. Its purpose, through education initiatives, natural building methods and lifestyle, is to show that conscious living is simple, logical and rewarding. What started off as an experimental venture is flourishing under the care of a man I’m proud to call family. Shane Eades believes that with a bit of creativity and willpower, and respect for the earth and our local communities, we can create positive change on our planet and in the lives of all its inhabitants.


The logo needed to reflect this ethos and the many facets of the Terra-Khaya experience. The name translates from Latin and Xhosa into ‘earth home’ and the accommodation aspect is the biggest draw card. All structures on the farm make use of traditional and natural building techniques alongside repurposed materials, blending rustic comfort with ‘scalvaged’ flair. The logo’s main icon took its cue from one of the first buildings on the site, a thatched rondavel. Roots were added to the base of the graphic to emphasise connection to the earth.


Like the lodge, its logotype boasts a unique, hand-made feel. The custom designed lettering for Terra-Khaya was so well-received it has since been adapted for several other titles, including the farm itself, “Eco-adventures” and “Amathole Horse Trails” (offered as a separate service where natural horsemanship techniques are taught and no bits are used).


Shane requested a couple of icons that he could adapt for different uses, mirroring the organic way that his farm and its services would grow, but out of the original sketches 3 favourites have become the standard trio alongside the logotype. To the right of the Earth Home icon, a horseshoe encircles a pair of bare footprints, representing the horse trails and encouraging visitors to ‘walk lightly’ on the planet. To the left, a slightly more abstract icon signifies a sense of expanded love for all life, with special reverence for our mother continent. This design started out as a representation of a human heart, it’s arteries enveloping it and extending into the trunk of a tree, and evolved into a happily co-incidental reference to a now annual partnership with Greenpop, the organization responsible for planting trees in Zambia and around South Africa through it’s innovative projects including Reforestation Festivals.


More about the client:

Utilising holistic farming and permaculture practices, Chillington’s goal is to bring back the healthy diversity of the soil and environment by design that mimics relationships found in nature, whilst yielding an abundance of food, materials and energy. Invasive trees are cleared off the farm to produce fuel to heat water and feed the stove’s furnace. There are various discounts and incentives offered at Terra-Khaya in exchange for pulling out wattle, planting indigenous trees and taking part in the communal meals initiative. Food that is prepared in larger quantities saves recourses by reducing the amount of packaging waste and using fewer detergents and less water for washing up. Eco-friendly toiletries are supplied and anything that cannot be reused is recycled.

Terra-Khaya supports the use of public transport not just as a cheaper, less carbon-intense mode of getting around, but for the experience of venturing outside of our first-world bubbles to meet and appreciate people from different cultures. They go as far as gifting public transport users with a night of accommodation, dinner and a beer on the house!